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Christopher Abatangelo enjoys barbecue recipe

Barbecues one of America’s favorite types of food. Every day will are cooking out in their backyards and restaurants are selling all types of food that are based on and centered on the barbecue. Being from Austin Texas, Christopher Abatangelo has tasted some of the greatest barbecues that you could possibly get your hands on. He also later had the distinction of moving to Tennessee where there is also a tremendous amount of exceptional barbecue selections. They all have a different style of course depending on the region there may be more tomato-based sauces, different woods that are utilized in the cooking of these meats, different smoking techniques, different cookers, and different variety of meat sources that make each dish unique in its own way. Those are some tough choices to make between those two if one were to be forced to select a favorite. He enjoys all styles, but mostly his favorite dish is baby back ribs. Baby back ribs should be tender, moist yet they should have a crust. Depending on how you like your ribs or what style it is being collected you can have a very savory and dry type of rib that utilizes the natural juices of pork to flavoring or can have a very sauce based recipe that in and dates the meets with sauce based flavor. Sometimes that sauce can be tanking, sometimes it can be high, and sometimes it can have different flavors imparted into it such as whiskey flavoring, hickory flavoring, honey, brown sugar and others. At the end of the day what matters most is what tastes good to him and he enjoys a well-constructed, well-balanced barbecue that has been cooked to perfection.


Christopher Abatangelo – Consultant Windows

Christopher Abatangelo is a technology consultant with a background in Windows, database, messaging and networking. He has worked on projects of many different types for a variety of different companies. He enjoys working on the architecture side of things, meaning that he is integrating tools and project management techniques into everything that he does. Part of the work of a technology consultant is to deliver services in a way that answer specific requests from the client. This is a high communications business that requires the proper scoping, the proper technical solution, and the proper plan to execute this.

In order to develop that proper plan, there is always a high-level architecture meeting to kick things off. When that happens, the consultant finds out all of the pain points that the client has and why they want this solution to solve their problems. Another thing that will happen during this initial step is the discovery of all of the elements that make up the technical environment and thus the challenges that can be expected in that conversation will come to light. Quite often, the consultant must utilize internal resources and external resources at the same time.

This means that they might be utilizing a variety of tools and partner groups that might be involved with certain portions of this technology effort. Internally, it is possible that the consultant must work with people that are stakeholders on the inside as they have the proper access to personnel and information to make sure that the job gets done. At the end of the day, it is critical the tires all in with a project management element so that milestones are described and communicated at every possible point in that the customer understands what’s going on.

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