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The Mexican Free – Tailed Bat

Christopher Abatangelo also enjoyed hunting in Texas as a boy, and the white-tailed deer population in Hill Country is the largest in Texas, with one deer for every 3 acres. If not deer, perhaps he and his father hunted the Rio Grande turkey, when in season.

In Austin, Christopher Abatangelo gathered with other Austinites and tourists to watch the exodus of thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats each sunset of summer, from their roosts under the Ann W. Richards Bridge in search of the evening’s meal of insects. The Mexican free-tailed bat is a unique specimen, and its habits continue to be extensively researched. The bat colony under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge is a nursery colony, and some years can approach a million mother bats and pups. Male colonies are much smaller, generally, but can reach 10,000 or more. The mothers prefer roosts at 5000 feet or less, while the males will establish roosts at much higher altitudes. The annual migration arrival in south central Texas, to a primary nursing colony in Bracken Cave, Frio cave, and other birth places like the Richards Bridge, begins around February, while the leavetaking in the fall coincides with the first serious cold air event. Generally, the bats leave in large groups, but not all at once, and some bats will stay behind, why is not known. Overwintering in the north is an iffy proposition, with some bats dying and falling from their perches on cave and bridge walls.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department works to ensure that Austinites and visitors alike, and Christopher Abatangelo when he returns home to his roots, will always be able to enjoy the unique delights of Austin and its environs.


People’s Republic of Austin

Parks, pools and lakes throughout Austin support Austinite’s and Christopher Abatangelo’s, love of water sports, and are the spur to its Excellence in Aquatics award in 1999, and Gold Medal Awards in 2004 from the National Recreation and Park Association. Austin’s renowned naturally-fed pools, Deep Eddy Pool and Barton Springs Pool, maintain steady temperatures between 68 and 71 degrees, summer and winter. Attesting to Austin’s eccentricity, it is the host of the only clothing-optional public park in Texas, Hippie Hollow Park. It offers “… rockclimbing, kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, exploring, and hiking.” The park would seem to support Austin’s liberal politics in a conservative state, giving Austin yet another nickname:”People’s Republic of Austin.”

Though surrounded by soundly conservative Texans, Austin finds itself more of a libertarian environment. The eclectic mix of blue and white collar workers, students and musicians gives Austin a decidedly liberal take on the politics of the day. Christopher Abatangelo typifies a citizen with a foot in both camps.

Austinites have adopted the environmental movement as their own, and it evolved into a neighborhood movement, then a conservationist cause, embracing both the concern for preserving the beauty of the Hill Country and the need to retain Austin’s quality of life, and “sense of place.” Plastic bags are now banned in Austin, a reflection of its extreme environmental concern. To retain the view of the “City of the Violet Crown”, a nickname for the violet auras which mark summer sunsets in Austin, and retain the beauty and health of the environment, city officials have enforced non-smoking ordinances in all public buildings and places downtown, a decision supported by the views of Christopher Abatangelo.

Christopher Abatangelo and politics

Coming from the state of Texas, one would imagine that from a political point of view you probably have some affinity for independence in your political views. That is definitely the case for Christopher Abatangelo. He was born and raised in Austin Texas, which is a city that has a variety of people of different inclinations and dispositions from a political and lifestyle point of view. While this variety of people is a bit of an anomaly in the key of traditional and conservative counties throughout the state, he feels that this was a healthy environment to grow up and disposed to a variety of viewpoints and people from all walks of life growing up. It is an essential mix of values that has driven him to where he is currently a political volunteer. He is especially fond of political figures and legislation that favors freedom above political ideology. In other words, he feels that he is not truly in one camp or the other. He is neither conservative nor liberal. He simply looks at the issue for what they are and considers what he thinks is the best idea. However, it seems that in the modern political landscape that the party that favored freedom or than others is that of the Republican Party. He is also supported libertarian candidates over the years which are truly more centered on individual freedom and states’ rights then either of the mainstream parties. He has posted parties for volunteers and distributed flyers in support of the laws and candidates in which he favored.