Christopher Abatangelo and politics

Coming from the state of Texas, one would imagine that from a political point of view you probably have some affinity for independence in your political views. That is definitely the case for Christopher Abatangelo. He was born and raised in Austin Texas, which is a city that has a variety of people of different inclinations and dispositions from a political and lifestyle point of view. While this variety of people is a bit of an anomaly in the key of traditional and conservative counties throughout the state, he feels that this was a healthy environment to grow up and disposed to a variety of viewpoints and people from all walks of life growing up. It is an essential mix of values that has driven him to where he is currently a political volunteer. He is especially fond of political figures and legislation that favors freedom above political ideology. In other words, he feels that he is not truly in one camp or the other. He is neither conservative nor liberal. He simply looks at the issue for what they are and considers what he thinks is the best idea. However, it seems that in the modern political landscape that the party that favored freedom or than others is that of the Republican Party. He is also supported libertarian candidates over the years which are truly more centered on individual freedom and states’ rights then either of the mainstream parties. He has posted parties for volunteers and distributed flyers in support of the laws and candidates in which he favored.


About Christopher Abatangelo

The fully formed sounds of outlaw country became known to the rest of the country through the efforts of KOKE-FM, a local country station which gave primary air time to local talent and innovations. KOKE-FM continues the progressive country music format today, over 40 years after this new sound was born in Austin honky tonks to the delight of audiences like Christopher Abatangelo.

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