3 Barbecue Sauce Styles You Have to Try

There are many different styles of barbecue. To some, it’s the sauce that makes or breaks the taste of a smoky pulled pork sandwich. To others, the long, slow process of smoking the meat to the point that it falls off the bone is key. The meat must retain enough moisture to stay tender without being unbearably greasy.

Christopher Abatangelo was born in Texas but spent his college years in Tennessee. To him, each regional style of sauce is unique and delicious. He still hasn’t had the chance to try them all, but here a few that are next on his to-do list.


Coined by Big Bob Gibson’s restaurant in Decatur, Alabama’s white barbecue sauce is an interesting change of pace for even most well versed fans. According to BarbecueBible.com, the sauce has a mayonnaise base, accompanied with apple cider vinegar and black pepper. It has been described as having a flavor similar to ranch dressing.


Just below the Ohio River, a small town has its very own style of barbecue. The people of Owensboro, Kentucky conjure up a pot full of sauce with Worcestershire, butter, lemon juice and a dash of allspice as its main ingredients.

South Carolina

German immigrants in the area created their mixture of vinegar and molasses with mustard. The tangy flavor adds a unique twist to the tender meat.

To this day, Christopher Abatangelo still can’t choose his favorite. He believes it’s not the style that is important but the right blend of spices that makes each bite of barbecue finger-licking good.


About Christopher Abatangelo

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